Syslog settings

Syslog is a message logging protocol that enables sending of logs to a syslog server from a wide range of devices. With this integration, the logs created for management�actions performed in AD using ADManager Plus can be sent directly to the syslog server.��

Steps to configure 'Syslog' settings:

  • Click the�'Admin'�tab.

  • Select�'Integrations' located under�'Personalize'.

  • Click�'SYSLOG'�located under�'Log Forwarding'.

  • Click on the�'Enable forwarding of ADManager Plus Data' check box to enable sending of logs to syslog server.

  • Configure the following:
    • Syslog Server: Enter the syslog server name.
    • Port:�Enter the port number.
    • Protocol:�Select the appropriate protocol from the menu i.e.,UDP or TCP.
    • Syslog Standard:�Select the appropriate standard from the menu i.e., RFC 3164 or RFC 5424.
    • Data Format:��Enter the data format.

  • Click�'Save' to save the settings.