Syslog settings

    Syslog is a message logging protocol that enables sending of logs to a syslog server from a wide range of devices. With this integration, the logs created for managementactions performed in AD using ADManager Plus can be sent directly to the syslog server.

    Steps to configure 'Syslog' settings:

    • Click the 'Admin' tab.
    • Select 'Integrations' located under 'System Settings'.
    • Click 'SYSLOG' located under' Log Forwarding'.
    • Click on the 'Enable forwarding of ADManager Plus Data' check box to enable sending of logs to syslog server.
    • Configure the following:
      • Syslog Server: Enter the syslog server name.
      • Port:Enter the port number.
      • Protocol:Select the appropriate protocol from the menu i.e.,UDP or TCP.
      • Syslog Standard:Select the appropriate standard from the menu i.e., RFC 3164 or RFC 5424.
      • Data Format:Enter the data format.
    • Click 'Save' to save the settings.