Integration with Zoho People

    By integrating ADManager Plus and Zoho People, users can be automatically created in Active Directory based on the user details entered in Zoho People. Apart from user creation, this integration also supports user account management actions. 

    Configure Zoho People settings in ADManager Plus

    • Logon to ADManager Plus.
    • Go to Admin -> Integrations -> Zoho People.
    • In Account Details section, enter the email address and password of the Zoho People admin. 
    • Click Test Connection and Save.
    • Note: If you have configured TFA/MFA, please follow the steps given below to obtain the password.

      • Logon to
      • Click Security -> App Passwords, re-enter your Zoho account password.
      • Enter device or app name in the field given and click Generate Password to obtain a 12-digit case-sensitive application specific password. Use this password in step 3.
    • In Data Source - LDAP Attribute Mapping section, enter a suitable configuration name and description. 
    • In the Attribute Mapping field, you can map multiple AD LDAP attributes to corresponding fields in Zoho People. For example, you can set "employeeID" from LDAP attributes section is equal to "Zoho_ID" in Zoho People column. 
    • Click Add to save the settings.

    Troubleshooting tips for errors encountered while configuring Zoho People account in ADManager Plus


    Remove the unused AuthTokens by following the steps below: 

    • Login to
    • Open the Settings tab.
    • Select Active Authtokens.
    • Remove the unused AuthTokens.


    Enter the correct password

    Case 3: NO_SUCH_USER 

    The given Zoho account does not exist.