Configuring Automation Policy

    ADManager Plus provides a simple built-in template that helps you configure automation policies. 

    The following steps will help you configure a new automation policy.This automation policy can be implemented while creating automation.

    1. Click the Automation tab.
    2. From the left pane, under Configuration choose Automation policy.
    3. A page with the display of all existing automation policies and their details will appear; to create a new automation policy click on create new automation policy on the top-right corner
    4. In the page that appears configure the settings for the automation policy with the help of the labels
      • Automation policy Name: enter a name for the automation process
      • Description: add a note that describes the automation process
      • Automation Category: choose the Active Directory management category under which the task will be carried out
      • Select Domain: choose the domain and OUs where the task should be run
      • Instant tasks: choose a task from the drop down list box that has to be run immediately, you can add more by clicking on the plus signs
      • Successive tasks: choose the time period (days, hours or minutes) after which the successive tasks have to be run, and then choose the task from the drop down list box.
      • To add more successive tasks click on the add successive task link
    5. Finally click save and the automation policy will hence be saved
    Note: While implementing an automation policy in Automation, the policies defined under the domain and category chosen in the Automation alone will be displayed.

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