Create Contacts in Active Directory

    You can create contacts for external users. To perform this operation follow the steps below:


    Contact creation is a simple process where you have to import the CSV file which contains the list of contacts that need to be created along with the relevant attributes. Then select the OU in which the contacts have to be created.


    • Click AD Mgmt - -> Contact Management - -> Create Contacts
    • Import the CSV file ( sample CSV file) with the required attributes Note: LDAP attribute name is mandatory
    • Select the container in which you wish to create the contacts.
    • Now Click Apply

    An example entry to create contacts is below.

    name givenName displayName description mail co department

    John Mathew John Mathew description Cananda Sales

    smith adam adam description Cananda Marketing

    john paul johnpaul description Cananda Accounts

    philip kotler philipkotler description Cananda Analyst

    pralad kakkar praladkakkar description Cananda sales

    Sample CSV File