Create Computers

Using this feature, can create bulk computer accounts so that these computers can log in to the domain and access the network resources.


First select the domain in which the computers must be created. Then, import the CSV file which contains the necessary computer attributes and click Apply.


The summary of the computer creation process and its status will now be displayed.


Currently, ADManager Plus cannot create computers outside the domain it is installed in.
Example: Assume an organization has 3 domains - A, B, and C. ADManager Plus is installed in a machine, of Domain A. In this case, the product cannot create computers in domains B and C.

An example entry to create computers is below.


computer1,James computer,"CN=GeorgexSimonJones,OU=NTest,DC=admp,DC=com";"CN=admptestgroup,OU=NTest,DC=admp,DC=com",NewYork X98

omputer2,Williamcomputer,"CN=GeorgexSimonJones,OU=NTest,DC=admp,DC=com";"CN=admptestgroup,OU=NTest,DC=admp,DC=com",NewYork Z98

Sample CSV File

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