Create Group in Active Directory Using CSV

    ADManager Plus provides the ability to create groups by just importing from a CSV file. To perform this operation follow the steps below:

    1. Select the AD Mgmt tab.
    2. Click the Create Group link under CSV import.
    3. Fill all the details; to add members import the users from CSV file or select them and click OK.
    4. You can also create an Exchange email address to groups. Check in the box adjacent to 'Create an Exchange E-Mail Address' and enter the details and save.
    5. This will create an mail enabled group.
    6. Click save to update the information in Active directory.

    Note: First create a CSV with all the updated information and then start the process.

    Sample CSV:


    MathewIles,MathewIles,Sales Department,Sales

    Emmanuelsam,Emmanuelsam,Finance Department,Finance

    Strongosky,Strongosky,Accounts Department,Accounts