Modify Group in Active Directory

    ADManager Plus provides the ability to modify the members of groups by just importing from a csv file. To perform this operation follow the steps below:

    1. Select the Management tab.
    2. Click the Modify Group link under CSV import.
    3. This option allows you to change or modify the members only. you cannot change the scope of the group here.
    4. Select the domain and the group to be modified.
    5. Import the members list from a CSV file or select the members. You can also delete the existing members from the group.
    6. Click "Update in AD" button. Now, in the dialog box, select the attributes of the groups that need to be modified. Then, click the show button and select the LDAP attributes based on which the desired groups in AD must be located.
    7. Click the Advanced Options link and specify whether you wish to append or overwrite the values for multi-valued attributes, and clear current values or leave them untouched if the CSV file does not contain any value for an attribute.
    8. Click save to update the information in Active directory.

    Sample CSV


    MathewIles,MathewIles,Sales Department,Sales

    Emmanuelsam,Emmanuelsam,Finance Department,Finance

    Strongosky,Strongosky,Accounts Department,Accounts