Edit GPOs.

    Administrative template settings of both user and computer configuration can be edited using ADManager Plus.

    The 'Edit GPO Settings' in the action column beside each GPO helps edit the administrative template settings associated with each GPO.


    To edit administrative template settings of a GPO:

    • Click 'Management tab'.
    • In 'GPO Management', click 'Manage GPOs'.
    • Select the domain where the required GPOs are located using 'Select Domain'.
    • In the 'Edit GPO Settings' window that opens, navigate to the administrative template setting to be modified as follows:
      GPO Name -->Computer/User Configuration -->Policies-->Administrative Templates
    • Select the folder where the setting to be edited is available. (You can also directly search a setting using the search option available at the top of the page.)
    • Click on the setting to be edited.
    • In the window that opens, you can enable,disable, or not configure the setting.
    • Make other changes, if any, in the space provided below 'Options'.
    • Click 'Apply' to apply the modifications made to the setting.

    Note:You can edit only settings present in "Administrative templates" based on Windows server 2016 admx files.