Technician Logon Report

    The Technician Logon Report lists the logon details of all the help desk technicians such as:

    • Hostname or IP address of the system using which the technician has logged on
    • Status of the session
    • Duration of the session
    • Login and logoff time
    • Domain name
    • Authentication method used

    You can use this report to view the logon details of:

    • All technicians
    • Inactive technicians
    • Currently active technicians

    You can also use the Search Technician option to search for a specific technician in all technicians, inactive or currently inactive technicians report. 

    To generate this report,

    1. Logon to ADManager Plus and click on the Delegation tab. 
    2. Expand the More option given on the left pane.
    3. Click on the Technician Logon Report.
    4. Specify the Domain for which you want to generate the report.
    5. Under the Technician field, choose from the following options:
      1. All technicians
      2. Inactive
      3. Currently Active
      4. Failed
      You can also use the filter icon to include or exclude technicians or requesters from this report.
    6. In case you choose to view the logon report for all technicians or only active technicians, specify the Period for which you want to generate this report. In case you choose to view the logon report for inactive technicians, specify the period of inactivity.