Audit Logs

    Audit Log is a file/document which records the details of any AD Management task you perform using your AD Manager Plus. The Audit Log is an effective tracking tool which helps in tracing down events like Reset Password, Delete Users, Create/Modify Users, etc.,

    Audit Logs essentially help you to:

    • Identify what accounts are associated with certain tasks.
    • Review chronologically and determine what was happening before and during the AD Management task.
    • Detect problems like investigating casual factors of failed jobs.

    Audit Logs can be found under audit-data/audit/technicians/<log folder> of the Program Files of  the product.

    An Audit Log essentially contains the following three basic details of the Task.




    What of the Task

    Audit Logs store information about the task that was performed while the event got triggered. Details of all those attributes, whose values were updated gets recorded in the Log file for future reference. For example, if a user is moved from one Organizational unit to another using ADManager Plus, the audit log generated will contain the details of the source and destination OUs under the From and To headings respectively.

    When of the Task

    Audit files save the Date and Time of Event occurrence. This serves as a useful resource to find out the time of occurrence of a AD Management Task, at a later date.

    Who of the Task

    The details of the person who had performed a AD Management task is also tracked in the Audit Log file. If the task was performed by the Administrator, the log is stored in admin under technician folder. For a Help Desk Technician, the logs get stored in a folder named after the Technician and his associated domain. For example, John-ADMP  means that this folder contains the logs which got generated while the Help Desk Technician, John initiated AD Management Tasks in the ADMP domain.