Technicians Report

    This report lists all available help desk technicians, along with details like delegated domains, roles, OUs, management and reporting tasks, etc. This report also offers filters to allow you to:

    • view all the permissions and administrative limits of a specific technician.
    • view all the technicians who belong to a specific domain or have been assigned a specific set of permissions, administrative limits, etc.

    The report can also be exported to CSV, PDF, XLSX, HTML formats.

    To generate this report,

    1. Click the Delegation tab.
    2. Click the Technicians Report link located under Help Desk Reports.
    3. Select the desired technician from the list or use the Search Technician option to easily locate him/her.
    4. Alternatively, filters can be used to specify the criteria used to generate the report. Click on the filter sign, located on the left of Add/Remove Columns option, and specify the desired criteria.
    5. Click anywhere on the technician's details field to expand it.

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