Copying a Help Desk Role

    The 'copy help desk role' option helps you in creating a new role, just by copying the privileges/tasks from an already existing role. For example, assume that you wish to create a new role that will allow a technician to create new user accounts in Active Directory and also generate user-based reports.

    Now, instead of creating a new role from the scratch, you can just copy the existing 'create users role' and then edit it to add the relevant permissions for generating the desired user reports. This makes creating new help desk roles, quick and simple.


    1. Click the Delegation tab.
    2. Under Help Desk Delegation, click the Help Desk Roles link
    3. From the list of available help desk roles, locate the one that you wish to copy.
    4. Click on the copy icon that is located in the Action column of the required help desk role.
    5. In the 'copy help desk technician role' window that opens up, enter a name for the new role and click save . You can now find the new role in the list of available help desk roles.
    6. To add/remove permissions to new role (created by copying an existing role), click on the edit icon located in the Action column of the role and select the required operations and save.

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