Admin Audit Report

    This report helps in tracking all the changes made to a help desk technician or a help desk role's configuration, by listing all the actions (creation, modification, deletion, enabling, disabling) performed on it. Using this report, you can view details such as, who performed what action on which technician/ role and the time at which it was performed.

    The report also offers filters to narrow down the search results based on the:

    • Technician on whom the actions have been performed.
    • Role which has been managed.
    • Administrator who has performed the actions.
    • Action which has been performed.

    The report can be exported to CSV, PDF, XLSX, HTML formats.

    To generate this report,

    1. Click the Delegation tab.
    2. Select the Admin Audit Report link located under Help Desk Audit Reports.
    3. Click the entry/ value in the Actions column of the report to see complete details of the tasks performed.

    Note: You can specify the search result criteria in the Quick Search option, if desired.