Dashboard View

The Home tab projects a Dashboard View of the essential and top level information of domains. The Dashboard View projects the following:

  • Vital Help Desk Reports
  • Canned Reports

Vital Help Desk Reports: This section holds a concise list of the essential help desk related reports. The number of password expired users and those whose password is likely to get expired within a week's time is also listed against appropriate headings. Using the change password at next logon option, the password settings of users whose passwords will be expiring in a week's time can be modified. Also, you can manage the password expired users, using the reset password, delete users or disable users options available in the options button.

Canned Reports: This section contains an auto-generated list of users listed under the most commonly used report types of the User, System and Other Reports categories. These reports get generated everyday at a scheduled time of the day.

You can also get an updated list of users with the relevant numbers based on the options you select. The Update Dashboard option allows you to synchronize the Active Directory and ADManager Plus. You can select the category of reports from the Update details of dialog. Meanwhile, if you want to know the latest details of only specific reports, use the refresh option located beside the report.

The 'Inside ADManager Plus' section

This section contains the help desk - reset password console and also links important AD management tasks such as account provisioning, de-provisioning and cleanup, important reports and also the links to the most used features such as help desk delegation, automation and workflow.

Help Desk - Reset Password Console: This console helps you to reset the password for the desired user account. When you click on the Help Desk – Reset Password Console button, you will be taken to the reset password section from where you can reset the password for the desired user account.

Create Request option: This button is located just above the 'Inside ADManager Plus' section and it allows you to create requests for management tasks such as user creation, user modification group modification, computer modification and contact modification.