ADManager Plus provides users with the functionality to configure user accounts based on personal priorities and requirements. The Personalize option enables you to change an existing password, set the session time, change the Web server port, select a theme etc.,

    To personalize, select the Personalize link from the top right of the client window.

    To change the password

    1. Enter the existing password in the Old Password field.
    2. Enter the new password in the New Password field.
    3. Enter the new password again for confirmation in the Confirm Password field.
    4. Click the Save Changes button.

    The new password get updated. Subsequently, you have to use the new password to login to the client.

    To set the session time

    1. Select the session expiry time in hours from the Session Expiry Time combo box to the desired value.
    2. Click the Save Changes button.

    The session expiry time gets updated.

    To configure general settings

    1. Select the "Start the product automatically on machine bootup" check box if you wish to start ADManager Plus whenever the system is started.
    2. Select the "Help us to improve ADManager Plus by sending the usage statistics" option to send product usage statistics to us. This will help us in identifying the important features of the product and help us in improving them.
    3. Select the "Launch the client upon successful server startup" check box if you wish to open the client whenever the ADManager Plus is started.
    4. Click the Save Changes button.

    To change the Web server port

    1. Change the Web Server Port to a desired value, the default being 8080.
    2. Click Save Changes button.

    The Web Server port is changed to the new value and will take effect when you restart ADManager Plus.

    To change the log level

    1. Select the log level from the Current Log Level combo box.
    2. Click Save Changes button.

    To change the theme

    1. Select the theme from the available options
    2. Click Save Changes button.

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