Searching Security Permissions

    ADManager Plus provides you the ability to search the permissions granted to security principals, such as users, groups, and computers. It simplifies search by specifying active directory object, security principal, and the permissions in the search criteria. Follow the steps given below to search the active directory permissions:

    1. Click on AD Management tab. Go to Security Management --> Search Permissions under AD Search.
    2. The search panel is displayed. The search panel consists of three text fields with a Select Criteria link for each field to specify the Active Directory objects, security principals, and permissions respectively.  
    3. Browse and select the Active Directory objects on which the search has to be performed. Leave it blank, if the search has to be performed on all the Active Directory objects.
    4. Browse and select the security principals to search their permissions. If no security principal is selected, the search will include all the security principals in the domain.
    5. Browse and select the permission for which you want to perform the search. If left blank, all the permissions are included in the search.
    6. Click Search.

    ADManager Plus searches the Windows Active Directory based on the specified search criterion and displays the result in the bottom panel. The search results include the name of the object, the object class, and the location of the object in the Active Directory.

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