This feature allows you to create requests/ tickets for executing AD management tasks.From this app you can:

    • View all requests
    • View the requests created by you
    • View open requests, among the requests assigned to you
    • Review, approve, reject, execute, and delete requests
    • Locate any specific request using the builtin search
    1. Configure the Server Settings rightly - specifying the Server Name / IP Address and the Port value.
    2. Enter the admin credentials to login to ADManager Plus Mobile app.
    3. In the Home page under 'Workflow', select 'all requests', 'requests created by me', or 'assigned to me- open', as required.
    4. Select the desired requests from the list of requests displayed.
    5. Use the search option to locate the desired requests easily.
    6. To delete the selected requests, click the icon at the top right.
    7. To view details about a request or to manage it, click the relevant request.
    8. Here, you will also have options to execute, approve, and reject the request - select the appropriate action that you want to perform.
    9. The view objects option shows the objects associated with the task; to remove an object from the request, click the 'X' icon located beside the object.

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