Creating an Active Directory Organizational Unit

    As OUs (organizational units) are integral and critical components of Active Directory (AD), more care and attention is needed while creating new OUs. Unlike the native AD tools, ADManager Plus makes it possible to create a new OU, easily without any error. It lets you create new OUs with just mouse-clicks, via its web-based console, without having to directly logon to the AD server.

    Further, its OU creation templates make it possible to standardize the OU creation process to meet your organization's need and policies to a T. It also allows you to create a parent OU for the new OUs that you wish to create, right while creating them.

    Steps to create a new OU:

    1. Click the AD Mgmt tab
    2. Go to OU Management and click the Create Single OU under OU Creation
    3. In the Create Single OU page, select the domain in which you wish to create the new OU; select the desired OU creation template by clicking the change link located beside Selected Template.

      Note: If you do not select any specific template, the default template specified by the administrator will be applied.

    4. In General tab,
      • Enter the name for the new OU that you wish to create
      • Click the edit icon located beside the selected container field to choose the desired location. In the domain tree shown in the select container window that opens up, select the desired location for the new OUs.
      • If needed, you can also create a parent OU for the new OUs right while creating them. To create a parent OU, click the edit icon located beside the select container window; select the desired location in the domain tree; click the create new OU link; enter the name for the OU and click create. Select the OU that you created as the container for the new OUs to be created.
      • Enter the appropriate values for all the fields; the mandatory fields are displayed in red.
    5. After entering the values for all the fields in all the tabs, click the Create button to complete the OU creation process.