Modifying an Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU)

    This feature helps in making the desired changes to any specific Active Directory organizational unit (OU). If you wish to modify more than one OU at a time, you can use the bulk OU modification option.

    By using the OU modification templates, you can even customize the process of modifying an OU, specific to the needs of your organization. This also helps in ensuring that standards and rules to be followed while OUs are modified remains the same throughout the organization.

    Steps to create a new OU:

    1. Click the Management tab.
    2. Go to OU Management and click the Modify Single OU link.
    3. Locate the OU that you wish to modify.
    4. Click the modify OU button located in the action column of the desired OU.
    5. In the modify OU properties window that opens up, select the modification template that you wish to apply.

      Note: Templates make it possible to change/update multiple attributes of an OU in a single action. If you do not select any template, the default template will be used.

    6. Click the general tab and enter the new values for the desired attributes. If you wish to execute a custom action after the OU is modified, click the custom attributes tab, select the 'run custom script' option and enter the script in the script field.
    7. Click the update OU button to make the changes to the OU.

      Use the preview option if you wish to view the changes that will be made, before they are actually updated in AD.


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