Moving Active Directory Organizational Units

ADManager Plus allows you to move multiple organizational units (OU) from one location to another in a single action. It also offers an option to import the list of OUs that you wish to move to.

Steps to move OUs:

  1. Click the AD Mgmt tab

  2. Go to OU Management and click the Move OUs option placed under OU Modification

  3. In the Move OU to another OU page, click the '+' icon located beside the Select the Container field to specify a target location (OU) for the OUs that you wish to move..

  4. Select the domain in which the OUs to be moved are located. Use the Add OUs link to specify the exact location of the OUs to be moved.

  5. Locate the OUs to be moved using

    - The search option: enter the names of the desired OUs, each name separated by a comma to locate the required OUs

    - CSV import: fetch list the OUs to be moved from a CSV file.

  6. From the list of OUs located using the search option or fetched from the CSV, select the ones that you wish to move.

    Note: If you wish to change the target location, you can do so using the '+' icon placed beside the Select the Container field.

  7. Click Apply to move the selected OUs to the new location.