Custom report for computers whose operating systems has been decommissioned

    ADManager Plus allows you to create custom reports which can be tailored to your organization's needs.

    Identify and manage computers that require support because their operating systems have been decommissioned. With ADManager Plus, you can get this done with a simple custom report that gives all OS details.

    Steps to create a custom report for computers whose operating systems has been decommissioned:

    1. Open ADManager Plus.
    2. Login with your credentials.
    3. Click Reports Tab.
    4. Click Custom Reports from the left navigation section.
    5. Click 'New custom report' button on the top right corner.
    6. Enter "Computers with Decommissioned OS" in the Name Field. In the Description box, provide a relevant description like "View all computers whose operating system support has ended".
    7. InAdd report to section, select Computer Reports from the drop down list as the category.
    8. Select the domain and OU of your choice.
    9. In the Conditions section, select "Computers" from the drop down list. To obtain the report for all computers whose operating system support has ended, you can enter a custom query in the field such as "(&(objectClass=computer)(operatingSystem=*Windows*))"..
    10. In the Filters section, select "Operating System" "contains" "2000" from the respective drop down list to obtain the computers whose OS is Windows 2000.
    11. Similarly, you can add multiple filters by clicking the + icon. By choosing "OR" option from the drop down list, set filters for other Operating Systems such as such as 2003, Vista, XP by following the steps explained in the above step.
    12. Choose the attributes which are necessary to be displayed in the report.
    13. Click Save.

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