Third-party Software

    Package Name Version License Type Category
    7zip 7za920 LGPL Open Source
    7zip_9_20_1 Lesser General Public License v3 Open Source
    adwords_axis adwords_axis_3_0_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    antisamy antisamy_1_4_4 New BSD License NA
    v_1_6_4 BSD & APACHE Open Source
    apache_commons_cli v1_4 Apache 2.0 NA
    apache_poi v3_17 Apache 2.0 With EPL and MIT NA
    apachehttpclient apachehttpclient_4_2_0 Apache License 2.0 Open Source
    asm v7_0 BSD Open Source
    azure_client_authentication v1_6_9 MIT Open Source
    azure_client_runtime v1_6_9 MIT Open Source
    batik_all v_1_16 Apache Open Source
    bootstrap v_3_4_1 MIT Open Source
    bootstrap_3_3_7 MIT Open Source
    v3_4_1 MIT and CC - BY Open Source
    bootstrap_3_0_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    bootstrap_daterangepicker bootstrap_daterangepicker_2_0_7 MIT Open Source
    bootstrap_daterangepicker_2_1_25 MIT Open Source
    bootstrap_popover_x bootstrap_popover_x_1_4_2 BSD Open Source
    bootstrap_select bootstrap_select_1_10_0 MIT Open Source
    bootstrap_select_1_7_3 MIT Open Source
    bootstrap_toggle 2_2_0 MIT Open Source
    v2_2_0 MIT Open Source
    bootstrap_touchspin v3_1_2 Apache 2.0 NA
    bouncy_castle bouncy_castle_jdk15_1.70 MIT with Apache 2.0 subcomponents Open Source
    bxslider bxslider_4_2_5 MIT Open Source
    cache4j cache4j_0_4 BSD Open Source
    cassandra cassandra_java_driver_2_0_2 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    cewolf cewolf LGPL Open Source
    classyloader v1_0 MIT Open Source
    commons_beanutils v_1_9_4 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons_codec commons_codec_1_7 Apache Version 2.0 Open Source
    commons_collections commons_collections Apache License Version 2.0 Open Source
    commons_collections_3_2_2 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons_compress commons_compress_1_0 Apache Version 2.0 Open Source
    v_1_21 Apache NA
    commons_csv commons_csv_1_3 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons_csv_1_6 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons_httpclient commons_httpclient_3_0 Apache License Version 2.0 Open Source
    commons_imaging v_1_0 Apache-2.0 and X11 NA
    commons_io v_2_8_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons_io_2_2 Apache License 2.0 Open Source
    commons_lang3 v_3_5 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons_validator commons_validator_1_5_1 Apache 2.0 NA
    v_1_7 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons-collections commons-collections_4_4_1 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons-fileupload v1_4 Apache 2.0 NA
    commons-lang commons_lang_3_3_1 Apache License V2.0 Open Source
    commons_lang_2_4 Apache License 2.0 Open Source
    commons-logging commons-logging Apache License version 2.0 Open Source
    converter_gson_2_5_0 v_2_5_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    cssparser v0_9_27 Apache 2.0 NA
    daterangepicker daterangepicker_2_1_13 MIT license Open Source
    fwdaterangepicker_3_0_0 NA NA
    dd_plist v1_20 MIT Open Source
    dependency_check_v5_2_2 dependency_check Apache 2.0 with EPL and BSD NA
    dnsjava dnsjava_2_0_6 BSD License Open Source
    dropbox dropbox_1_5_4 MIT license Open Source
    duo_java duo_java_v2 BSD Open Source
    dwr dwr_2_0_2 Apache Version NA
    dwr_jar dwr_jar Apache License Version 2.0 Open Source
    elasticsearch_client_transport v5_6_4 Apache 2.0 with MIT NA
    elasticsearch_rest_high_level_client v6_5_4 Apache 2.0 NA
    esapi esapi_1_4_4 New BSD License NA
    esapi_2_1_0 BSD License Open Source
    esapi_2_1_0_1 Dual Licensed under BSD or CC by SA NA
    fixed_header_table fixed_header_table_1_3 MIT License Open Source
    fixed_header_table_1_3 fixed_header_table_master MIT License Open Source
    fontfacekit_open_sans fontfacekit_open_sans_1_4_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    gcm_server gcm_server_3_0 Apache License 2.0 Open Source
    gdata gdata_1_47_1 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    gdata_client Apache License Version 2.0 Open Source
    google_adwords google_adwords_1_7_1 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    google_api_client_library google_api_client_library_1_19_0 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    google_api_client_library_for_java 1_20_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    google_api_services_admin_directory v_1_25_0 Apache NA
    google_api_services_admin_directory_rev64_1_21_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    google_api_services_calendar v_1_25_0 Apache NA
    google_api_services_gmail v_1_25_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    google_api_services_people v_1_25_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    google_diff_match_patch diff_match_patch_20091012 NA NA
    diff_match_patch_20100621 NA NA
    diff_match_patch_20100825 NA NA
    diff_match_patch_20101216 NA NA
    google_diff_match_patch_1_0 NA NA
    google_oauth_client_jetty v_1_31_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    gson v_2_8_6 Apache 2.0 NA
    guava v_29_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    historyjs historyjs_1_7_1 BSD Style License Open Source
    htmlparser htmlparcer_2_0_snapshot LGPL Open Source
    htmlunit v2_29 Apache 2.0 NA
    httpcomponents v_4_5_13 Apache & MPL NA
    httpcomponents_client httpcomponents_client_4_5_2 Apache 2.0 NA
    httpcomponents_client_4_5_1 Not Specified NA
    v_4_5_13 APACHE NA
    httpcomponents_httpcore v_4_4_14 APACHE NA
    httpcore v4_4_5 Apache 2.0 with CC BY NA
    icheck icheck_1_0_2 Apache 2.0 NA
    image4j image4j_0_7 GNU LGPL v 2.1 NA
    jackson_annotations v_2_11_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    jackson_core v_2_11_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    jackson_databind v_2_11_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    jackson_datatype_joda v2_9_8 Apache 2.0 NA
    jasperreports jasperreports_4_0_1 Lesser General Public License v 2.1 NA
    jasperreports_0_6_4 Apache License 1.1 Open Source
    jasperreports_1_2_4 Apache Software License, Version 1.1 Open Source
    jasperreports_8_5_57 Apache Software License, Version 1.1 Open Source
    javamail javamail_1_4_4 Java Mail API License Agreement NA
    javapns javapns_2_2 GNU LGPL v 3 NA
    jbcrypt v0_4 MIT Style Open Source
    jboss jboss_3_2_6 LGPL version 2.1 Open Source
    jboss-4_0_2 LGPL version 2.1 Open Source
    jcaptcha jcaptcha_2_0 LGPL License Open Source
    jcifs jcifs-krb5-1_2_13 LGPL version 2.1 Open Source
    jcifs_1_3_17 LGPL version 2.1 Open Source
    jedis v3_2_0 MIT With Apache 2.0 Open Source
    jfreechart jfreechart LGPL version 2.1 Open Source
    jfreechart_1_0_14 NA NA
    jquery jquery_1_11_0 MIT LICENSE Open Source
    jquery_vakata Dual licensed under GPL and MIT NA
    v_3_5_1 MIT with BSD & Apache Open Source
    jquery_1_11_3 MIT Open Source
    jquery_bxslider MIT Open Source
    jquery_mousewheel MIT Open Source
    malihu_customscrollbar_plugin MIT Open Source
    jqte MIT Open Source
    jquery_jcrop MIT License Open Source
    jquery_slimscroll MIT License Open Source
    jquery_floatthead v2_0_3 MIT Open Source
    jquery_ui v_1_13_1 MIT Open Source
    jscalendar jscalendar_0_9_6 LGPL Version 2.1 Open Source
    jsencrypt v_3_0_0 MIT and Apache 2.0 Open Source
    json json_20140107 MIT License Open Source
    v20190722 JSON MIT Style NA
    json_simple json_simple_1_1_1 Apache License 2.0 Open Source
    json_simple_1_1 Apache Version 2.0 Open Source
    jsoup jsoup_1_11_3 MIT Open Source
    jsr311_api v_1_1_1 CDDL with Apache NA
    jstl jstl_1_2 Common Development and Distribution License v 1.1 Open Source
    jstree jstree_3_0_9 MIT License Open Source
    v3_3_4 MIT Open Source
    jtds jtds_1_3_1 GNU LGPL v2.1 NA
    1_3_1 LGPL 2.1 Open Source
    jtidy jtidy_r938 MIT Style Open Source
    lato v0_3_0 MIT Open Source
    v2_0 Open Font License NA
    v2_0_15 NA NA
    lato2OFLweb v_2_0 Open Font License (OFL) NA
    log4j v_2_17_1 Apache NA
    malihu_custom_scrollbar_plugin malihu_custom_scrollbar_plugin_3_0_9 MIT Open Source
    malihu_custom_scrollbar_plugin_3_0_7 MIT Open Source
    malihu_custom_scrollbar_plugin_3_1_5 MIT Open Source
    metadata_extractor v_2_11_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    mimeutil mimeutil_2_1_3 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    v_2_1_3 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    moment_timezone v0_5_23 MIT Open Source
    momentjs 2_10_6 MIT Open Source
    v_2_29_4 MIT Open Source
    msgpack msgpack_0_6_7 Apache Licensev 2 Open Source
    msvc msvcr_dll Microsoft visual C++ redistributable package licensemickey NA
    navgoco navgoco_0_2_1 BSD Open Source
    nekohtml nekohtml_1_9_21 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    nimbus_jose_jwt v5_7 Apache 2.0 NA
    NotoNaskhArabicFont v0 OFL NA
    ojdbc v_8 Oracle Technology Network License Agreement NA
    okhttp v_3_14_4 Apache 2.0 With MPL NA
    okhttp_urlconnection v3_4_2 Apache 2.0 NA
    okio v1_17_2 Apache 2.0 NA
    openpdf v_1_3_27 LGPL 2.1 Open Source
    opensaml opensaml_2_6_1 Apache License, Version 2.0 Open Source
    openws openws_1_4_1 Apache 2.0 NA
    perfect_scrollbar perfect_scrollbar_0_4_6 MIT License Open Source
    pmd pmd_bin_5_0_4 Not Specified NA
    poi v_3_17 Apache 2.0 with MIT, BSD and EPL NA
    postgres_jdbc_driver v_42_2_18 BSD with APACHE Open Source
    postgresql_driver postgresql_90801 BSD License Open Source
    postgresql 10.18 Apache License, Version 2.0 Open Source
    prettyphoto prettyPhoto_compressed_3_1_6 Dual licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 or GPL 2.0 NA
    rampart rampart_1_5 Apache License 2.0 Open Source
    retrofit v2_5_0 Apache 2.0 With MIT NA
    rxtx rxtx_2_1_7 LGPL Open Source
    rxtx_2_2 NA NA
    simplecaptcha simplecaptcha_1_2_1 BSD Open Source
    slf4j slf4j_1_7_2 MIT Open Source
    slf4j_api v1_7_25 MIT Open Source
    v_1_7_30 MIT Open Source
    slf4j_simple v_1_7_29 MIT Open Source
    smslib smslib_3_5_2 Apache License v 2 Open Source
    snakeyaml v_1_29 Apache & LGPL NA
    sqljdbc sqljdbc_v7_4_1_0 MIT and Apache 2.0 Open Source
    struts struts_1_3_11 Apache version 2.0 Open Source
    tomcat tomcat_8_5_57 Apache Software License Version 2.0 Open Source
    tooltip tooltip Dynamic Drive DHTML -License NA
    trayicon trayicon Tray Icon License Free
    trayicon_64bit NA NA
    typeaheadjs typeaheadjs_0_10_5 MIT Open Source
    ua_parser v_1_5_1 Apache 2.0 NA
    underscore_js 1_5_1 MIT license Open Source
    velocity velocity_1_7_0 Apache 2.0 NA
    vmware vmware_vsphere_sdk_6_0_0 Free Software NA
    xerces xerces-2_5_0 Apache Software License Version 1.1 Open Source
    v_2_12_1 Apache 2.0 and W3C, EPL, MIT and BSD NA
    xml_apis v1_4_01 Apache 2.0 with MIT Style NA
    xmlgraphics_commons xmlgraphics_commons_2_0_1 Apache 2.0 NA
    xmlsec v_2_3_0 APACHE Open Source
    xmltooling xmltooling_1_3_1 Apache 2.0 NA
    xmpcore v5_1_3 BSD Open Source
    xz v1_9 Public Domain NA
    yuicompressor yuicompressor_2_4_2 BSD License Open Source
    zip4j v_2_5_0 Apache NA
    zxing zxing_1_4 Apache License 2 Open Source

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