Bulk Modification of User Creation Templates

    This option allows you to modify multiple user creation templates in a single action. You will just have to specify the changes that you wish to make and select the templates to which you wish to apply these changes, to modify user creation templates in bulk.

    For example, consider a scenario where you wish to use a standard naming format for the logon name attribute across a specific set of templates. In this case, instead of modifying each relevant template one after the other to set the desired naming format, the bulk template modification option allows you to set the desired naming format in all the relevant templates at once.


    • 1. Click the Management tab.

    • 2. Under User Templates, click the User Creation Templates link.

    • 3. Click the Bulk modify templates button located at the bottom right corner, below the list of all available user creation templates.

    • 4. In the Bulk Modify User Creation Templates page, select the domain in which the templates that you wish to modify are located.

    • 5. Click the appropriate tab in which the field (attribute) that you wish to modify is located. For example, if you wish to modify the logon name attribute, click the General tab and select the desired naming format from the list of available naming formats.

    • 6. Similarly, choose/specify the appropriate values for all the fields that you wish to modify.

      Note: If you wish to add even those fields that were deleted from the templates while customizing them, select the Add Deleted Fields option located at the right extreme just above the Update Templates button.

    • 7. Select the templates to which you wish to apply these changes by clicking the edit icon located beside the Select Templates field.

    • 8. Click the Update Templates button located at the bottom of the page to make the specified changes in all the selected templates.