Active directory computer modification template

    The computer modification template allows you to modify multiple computer object attributes simultaneously. Using this template, you can customize the computer object modifcation process according to your organization's needs. Templates can cut down a huge chunk of time spent on selecting each object individually, and modifying the attributes one by one.

    Let's now see how templates can benefit your organization. For instance, the sales team in an organization may travel for meetings with clients, and may need remote access permissions for their computers. There may be other employees like analysts or researchers who work with sensitive data, and for security reasons their devices might be denied remote access permissions. Permissions being misassigned can easily be exploited during cyber attacks. Besides, manually asigning permissions  to each computer is time consuming and error prone. Modification templates can be a simple, one stop solution to this.

    The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up a template.

    • Under the Management tab, find Computer Management. Click Computer Modification Templates.
    • The existing templates will be listed. You can view, edit or delete them.
    • To create a new template, click Create New Template on the top right corner of the window.
    • Add a name and description for the template in the given fields.
    • The Select Domain field allows you to select the domain in which the template will be used.
    • Set the values of attributes you wish to modify in the computer objects.
    • The Enable Drag-n-Drop option allows you to customize the visibility of different tabs and attributes being used in the template. You can also make the attributes editable or read-only.
    • Click Save Template to save the template.

    How to use the drag and drop feature

    1. Click on Enable Drag-n-Drop to be able to drag and drop the fields from the Field Tray to the required tabs.
      • You cannot drag-n-drop the fields which are greyed out. All the fields that are in use will appear greyed out. By default, all the fields in the field tray will be greyed out as all the fields are used in the tabs.
      • Drag-n-drop is allowed only for dragging a field from the field tray to a tab. To move a field from a tab to the field tray, delete the field from the tab.
      • Each field can be used only once and in one tab only. The fields belonging to the Exchange tab cannot be used in any regular tab and vice versa.
    2. You can either add a new tab, in addition to the default tabs, using the Add Tab option, delete any tab by using the  Delete option or make a tab Silently Active. You can change the name of any tab using the 'edit' option, as per your requirement.
    3. For each tab, Drag And Drop the required attributes from the field groups in the 'field tray' to the required Field Group in the tab.
    4. If required, any field can be set as a 'Read only' field. This option is useful in cases where a user should not be able to enter/change a value but will have to know the value that is being assigned.
    5. Once you have made all the required changes or customization, save the template using the Save Template option.

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