Create a Single Contact in Active Directory

    Creating a contact in the Active Directory is a must for the contact to interact with and also get updates from users in the Active Directory.

    With 'contact creation templates', creating contacts with all the required attributes, is quite easy as you can configure the values for all the required attributes from one single screen.


    Go to the Create Single Contact page, select the domain and enter the values for all the attributes in the tabs and click Create Contact to create the contact in the active directory.

    Steps :

    1. Click AD Management tab

    2. Click on Contact Management --> Create Single Contact .

    3. Select the Domain

    4. Select the required contact creation template from the existing templates.

    5. Click on General tab, enter the values for the attributes. You can select a container by clicking the Change option.

    6. Click on Group tab, select the groups in which this contact has to be a member of, using the Change option.

    7. Specify the required values for the tabs, viz., Organization tab, Address tab, Telephones tab, Organization tab, Exchange tab.

    8. Click the Custom Attributes tab and enter the appropriate values for the custom attributes. To execute a custom script on successful creation of the contact account, the custom script option and enter the script in the script command window.

    9. Once you have entered the values for all the required attributes, click on Create to create the new contact.


    1. All the mandatory attributes will be highlighted with the color red and a star. All changeable fields will have the Change icon beside them.