Create Contact Creation Template

    Any organization will have different types of contacts, based on the department or service that this contact could serve of offer. Each set of contacts will require different set of attributes and also different values for the same attribute.

    Contact creation templates help the administrators to specify different set of attributes and values to different contacts as per the organizational requirement/policies, while creating the contacts, either in single or in bulk. These templates also help in configuring or specifying specific values to the required attributes. When a template is applied during the contact creation process, the contacts will automatically be created with the values specified in the template.


    1. Click on 'AD Mgmt' Tab.
    2. Click on 'Contact Management' → 'Contact Creation Templates' under Contact Templates.
    3. In the 'Contact Creation Templates', click on the 'Create New Template' link. The 'Contact Creation Templates' page will have the list of all available contact cretion templates.
    4. In the 'Create Template' page, enter a name and description for the template.
    5. Select the domain.
    6. Click on General Tab and enter the values for the attributes.
    7. Similarly, click on each of the tabs Address Tab, Group Tab, Organization Tab, Telephones Tab, Exchange Tab and fill in the values for the attributes.
    8. Once all the values have been specified for the Contact attributes, click 'Save Template' to save this template.
    Contact templates can also be customized to have only the required tabs and/or fields, display the entire tab or its fields. For more information, see 'Create Contact Template with Drag-n-Drop Enabled'.

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