Create a Single Dynamic Distribution Group

    This feature allows you to create a dynamic distribution group and also configure its various attributes, in a single step. Further, you can standardize the process of creating a new dynamic distribution group using configurable templates, which can be customized as per your needs, with simple 'drag-n-drop' actions. You can also use the template to save standard or pre-determined values for specific attributes and use them while create the group.

    Steps to create a new dynamic distribution group:

    1. Click AD Management tab

    2. Go to Group Management --> Create Single Dynamic Distribution Group.
    3. From the selected domain drop down menu, select the domain in which you want to create the dynamic distribution group.

    4. By clicking change button in the selected template field, you can select the desired dynamic group creation template. If you do not select any template, the default template specified by the administrator will be applied.
      You can also create a new template by clicking the Create New Template link located at the top right extreme of the dynamic distribution group creation page.

    5. To configure the dynamic distribution group's attributes, follow these instructions:

      • Under General tab, enter appropriate values for the fields. As name and container are mandatory fields for creating the dynamic distribution group, ensure that you key in the name and also select an appropriate container for this dynamic distribution group.

      • Click the Filter tab.
        - In the Filters field group, select the container from which the recipients have to be selected and also specify the type of objects types that must be included in this group.
        - In the conditions field group, you can specify the conditions based on which the members for this group must be selected. Click add conditions and use the three drop down menu to set the desired condition. To add another condition, use the '+' icon. You can add as many conditions as needed.

      • In the Exchange tab, enter the alias and associated administrative groups; both these attributes are mandatory to create a dynamic distribution group. Then, enter the desired values for the additional e-mail addresses, delivery restrictions and Exchange 2013/2016-specific fields.

    6. Click Create to create the new dynamic distribution group.

    Note: All mandatory attributes will be highlighted in red.

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