Active Directory Group Templates

    ADManager Plus's Group templates streamline and standardize the process of creating and modifying groups in the Active Directory.These templates bestow upon administrators the power to control at a very granual level, the way the groups in their Active Directory must be created or modified.

    While the group creation templates make creating new groups efficient and quick, the group modification templates make modifying the existing groups a hassle-free activity. Further, the group modification templates have rules, based on which specific fields can be modified or updated reactively and automatically, at the backend, based on the changes happening to other fields.

    Further the templates make it easy for administrators to delegate the task of creating or modifying the groups to help desk technicians as they will be happening exactly as per the rules that they specify and they also have to power to display or hide only the required fields, as per their requirements.

    The links below will help you in knowing more about the group templates:

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