Modify Active Directory Users Properties/Attributes by Import CSV

    When ever the attributes of bulk user accounts change at the same time, it is important to keep them updated immediately. This calls for bulk user modification, which takes only a few clicks when carried out using ADManager Plus.


    First , create CSV file which contains the modified values of the user attributes . Then, just import this CSV file and hit the Update user button.



    ADManager Plus provides the ability to modify the users by just importing from a CSV file. To perform this operation follow the steps below:

    1. Select the AD Mgmt tab.

    2. Click the Modify users link under CSV import.

    3. From the drop down menu, select the domain in which the users to modified reside.

    4. Import the CSV file and click OK.

    5. This will list all users and their attributes.

    6. Using the check box, select the attributes that need to be modified .

    7. Click update to update the information in Active directory.



      Know these Tabs:

      Change Headers: Clicking on this will allow you to change the attributes (eg.given name to sn) and then save.

      Search by: This tab helps you to modify or filter the users by selecting any naming attribute like given name, initials, sn etc. Consider this Example:If you want to change john's title from analyst to senior analyst then select 'given name' in 'Search by'.



      1. First create a CSV with all the updated information and then start the process.
      2. It is recommended to give a unique value attribute like samaccountname, distinguishedname, userprincipalname to the users
      3. If Multiple users match the same criteria then the users names will be appended by numbers starting from the number specifies the users with same name but distinguishes them by number.
      4. The modifications done on UserAccountControl attributes using CSV will not be replaced but appended.


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