Restore Deleted Users


Accidental deletion of users is a problem every Active Directory administrator has to deal with every now and then. Restoring the deleted user, along with all the attributes, is a painstaking activity, with the administrators having to depend on scripts, more often than not. And when more than one user is deleted, the challenge multiplies and restoring all the deleted users becomes quite a cumbersome process. And in large networks, this is a trouble that always keeps the administrators on their toes. ADManager Plus�s �Restore Deleted Users� features makes the task of restoring deleted users, single or in bulk, an easy and simple one, which can be accomplished using just mouse clicks.




Go to the �Restore Users from Recycle Bin� page, select the domain in which you would like to restore the deleted users. Specify the user accounts that you would like to restore and click on the �apply� button to restore the users.



  • 1. Click on AD Mgmt tab.

  • 2. Click on User Management --> Bulk User Modification --> Restore Deleted Users.

  • 3. In the Restore Users from Recycle Bin page, select the domain.

  • 4. Specify the users accounts to be restored in any of the following ways:
    -Locate the user accounts using the search option
    - Specify the list of user accounts in a �.CSV� file which can be imported using the �CSV Import� option.

  • 5. Click on apply to restore the deleted users.


Note: The deleted user accounts will be restored with all the attributes intact only in case of Active Directory 2008 R2 with the �Recycle Bin� feature enabled. In all other earlier versions, the user accounts will be restored only with the mandatory attributes and not all the attributes.