Create A Single Computer Object

    Using ADManager Plus, you can create a new computer account as well as specify the values for all the required attributes, in just a single step.


    Go to the ‘Create Single Computer’ page, select the domain and enter the values for all the attributes in the tabs and click ‘Create Computer’ to create the computer object in the active directory.


    • Click on ‘AD Mgmt’ tab.
    • Click on ‘Computer Management’ and then ‘Create Single Computer’.
    • Select the Domain.
    • Select a Computer creation template from the list of available templates. (Click on ‘Create New Template’ to create a new template.)
    • Click on General tab, enter the values for the attributes.
    • Select the container by clicking the ‘Change’ option.
    • Select the appropriate values for the ‘Managed By’ and ‘Member Of’ attributes.
    • Click on Dial-in tab and select the required ‘remote access permission’.
    • Once you have entered the values for all the required attributes, click on ‘Create’ to create the new computer object.


    • All the mandatory attributes will be highlighted in the color red and also with a star.
    • All the fields where there it is possible to choose a value from the list of available options will have the option ‘Change’ beside them.