Reset Computers

    As an administrator, coming across computer accounts which cannot be authenticated by the Domain Controller could be quite a common occurrence. More often than not, one of the reasons for this problem is the mismatch of the computer account and the secure channel passwords.

    Computers that cannot connect to the domain also prevent users who use them from connecting to their domain and accessing the required resources. As this might impact the user productivity, you have to quickly and immediately reset those computer accounts.

    The bulk reset computer feature makes allows you to reset the passwords of multiple computer accounts to the default initial value (%computername%$).

    Steps to reset computer account passwords

    • 1. Click the AD Mgmt tab

    • 2. Go to Computer Management
    • 3. Under Bulk Computer Modification, click the Reset Computerslink
    • 4. Select the relevant domain. Use the Add OUs link if you wish to do this operation for computers in only specific OUs
    • 5. Import the CSV file which has the list of computer accounts to be modified. Or, use the search option to locate the desired computer accounts
    • 6. From the list of computers, displayed, select the ones that you wish to reset.
    • 7. Hit the Apply button to reset the passwords to the initial value (%computername%$)

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