Restore Deleted Computers

    In large organizations, restoring deleted computers is a task that every administrator cannot avoid. In most cases, it is scripts that the administrators have to depend on to restore the deleted computers and more often than not it is a tedious activity and when the number of computers to be restored is more than one, the effort required just shoots up exponentially.

    With ADManager Plus's 'Restore Deleted Computers' feature, restoring deleted computers becomes an easy, simple UI and mouse clicks based activity. This feature also allows administrators to restore computers, in bulk in just a single operation.


    Go to the 'Restore Deleted Computers' page, select the domain in which you would like to restore the deleted computers, specify the computers that you would like to restore and click on the 'apply' button to restore the computers.


    • 1. Click on Management tab.

    • 2. Click on Computer Management --> Bulk Computer Modification --> Restore Deleted Computers.
    • 3. In the Restore Deleted Computers page, select the domain.
    • 4. Specify the computers to be restored in any of the following ways:
      -Locate the computers using the search option
      - Specify the list of computers in a '.CSV' file which can be imported using the 'CSV Import' option.

    • 5. Click on apply to restore the deleted computers.

    Note: The deleted computers will be restored with all the attributes intact only in case of Active Directory 2008 R2 with the 'Recycle Bin' feature enabled. In all other earlier versions, the computers will be restored only with the mandatory attributes and not all the attributes.