View/Modify Computer Creation Template

    To view or modify an existing computer creation template, select the specific template, make the required changes and save the template.


    Go to the ‘Create Template’ page, select the domain. Click on 'Enable Drag-n-Drop' add a new tab if needed and drag-n-drop the required fields in the tabs, enter the values for all the attributes in the tabs and click ‘Save Template’ to save the new template.


    1. Click on ‘AD Mgmt’ Tab.
    2. Click on ‘Computer Management’ and then ‘View/Modify Computer Template’ under Computer Template.
    3. From the list of templates displayed, select the template that has to be modified by clicking on the ┬áspecific template or by clicking on the ‘modify template’ icon located in the ‘action column’ beside the template.
    4. Click on Enable Drag-n-Drop and make the required changes.
    5. After completing all the changes and specifying the required values for the attributes, save the changes made by clicking on ‘save template’.

    Field Tray:

    On the left side of the ‘Create Template / Modify Template’ page is the ‘Field Tray’ which has all the default tabs and their respective attributes listed under it. The ‘Field Tray’ is visible only if the drag and drop option is enabled which can be done using the ‘Enable Drag-n-Drop’ button.

    Add a New tab:
    This option makes it possible to add a new tab in addition to the existing tabs. To add a new tab,

    1. Click on the ‘+’ symbol located beside the last tab, to add a new tab.
    2. In the ‘Adding New Tab’ that opens up, enter a name for the tab.
    3. To add a new field group that will be located in this tab, under the ‘Default Group Option’ enter a ‘field group name’ and also choose the number of columns in which the fields have be arranged.
    4. Click on ‘Done’ to add the new tab.

    Delete a tab:
    To delete an existing tab, use the delete (x) option that will be displayed when you click on a tab.

    Rename a tab:
    To rename a tab, click on the ‘edit’ icon that appears on the top left corner of the tab, when you click on the tab.


    Delete a field:
    To delete a field or to move a field from a tab to the field tray, use the ‘delete (x)’ option that is displayed, when you click the ‘edit’ icon that is displayed just beside the field name.


    Rename a field:
    To rename a field, place the mouse over the field to be renamed which will display the edit icon that appears just before the field name and select the ‘edit’ option from the list of options displayed.

    Hide (Make silently active) a Tab or Field:
    Using the make silently active option, it is possible to hide a tab or a field without actually deleting it.

    This option can be selected by clicking the ‘-‘symbol which is displayed, beside the delete option, when the mouse is positioned over or near the tab name.

    When this option is enabled, the respective tab or field and also the values in the tab will actually be used while creating the computer object in the active directory but will not be displayed during the computer creation process. This option is useful in cases where the administrator would like give values to the attributes in the tab but would not like the person creating the computer to know the values.

    Field Group:
    A field group contains a group of related attributes placed under one common head.

    A new field group can be added using the ‘Add Group’ option that is placed inside the tab on the top right corner.

    Similar to the tab, a field group or any field that is placed in a field group can be made ‘silently active’.

    It is also possible to ‘delete’ a field group using the ‘delete’ option present at the top of each field group.

    To rename a field group, use the ‘edit’ option that is placed beside the field group name.

    This option makes is possible to drag and drop the required field or attribute in the required tab.

    Click on the tab in which you would like to add a new field. Then, drag and drop the required field from the field tray to the required field group inside the tab

    While moving the field/attribute, a box that will be displayed automatically inside the field group where you move the field to, you can drop the required field inside this box in the required position.