Delete Computers

    It is always important to keep the Active Directory clean. As part of the cleanup process, administrators flush out the Inactive/disabled computer accounts from the Active Directory using this feature.


    To delete computer accounts, you have to the list the computers in the domain by either using a CSV file or using the Search option. Then, select the desired computer (s) and click apply.


    • Click AD Mgmt tab - -> Computer Management - -> Delete Computers

    • From the drop down menu, select the domain  in which the computers are located.( Note: If you know the OU in which the computers are located, click the add OUs button and select the appropriate OU)

    • You can now use one of the following options to list the computers that have to be deleted.

      • You can import the CSV file (sample CSV file) which contains the list of computers that have to be deleted. After importing the CSV file, from the drop down menu (on the right hand side), select the LDAP attribute based on which you want to search the objects in Active directory.


      • Use the Search option to search for the computers (Note: To list all the computers in the domain, hit the search button without entering anything in the Search box.

    • Now, use the check box to select the desired list of computers and click Apply.

    The change summary and the status of the deletion can be verified.