Modifying an Equipment Mailbox in Exchange Server

    In any organization, the requirements and specifications for it day to day operations keep changing. To be in tune with the changing requirements, as and when the requirements change, you have to modify the appropriate fields of the existing equipments as well. ADManager Plus makes the task of updating the equipment mailbox settings easier and quicker, through its out-of-the-box equipment mailbox modification feature.

    To modify an existing equipment mailbox,

    • Click the Management tab.

    • Go to Mailbox Management --> Equipment Mailbox Management.

    • Click the modify single equipment mailbox link.

    • In the modify single equipment mailbox page, select the domain in which the mailbox to be modified is located.

    • From the list of equipment mailboxes displayed, located the desired one. To locate the desired equipment mailbox easily, you can use the search option located right above the mailboxes list.

    • Once you locate the relevant mailbox, click the Modify Equipment Mailbox button located in its Action column.

    • In the modify equipment mailbox properties window that opens up, select the desired equipment mailbox modification template that you wish to use. If you do not select any template, the default template specified by the administrator will be used for modifying the equipment mailbox.

    • Click each tab (General, Contact, Delegates, Booking Option, Exchange and Custom Attributes) and enter the new values for all the fields to be modified.

    • If you wish to see the list of all fields that will be modified, along with all their existing and new values, click the Preview button; if you wish to make further changes, click the back button.

    • Once you have entered the new values for all the desired fields, click the update equipment mailbox button to save the changes.