Creating Linked Mailbox in Exchange Server

    ADManager Plus allows you to create linked mailboxes in just one click, in your Exchange environment, with all the necessary attributes or settings such as display name, logon name, the master account (the user account for which the linked mailbox is being created), the OU, the mail server, mailbox store, email alias, access rights, and send on behalf or send as permissions.

    To create a linked mailbox using ADManager Plus:

    • Click the Management tab.

    • Go to Mailbox Management and click the Create Single Linked Mailbox link located under Linked Mailbox Management.
    • Select the domain in which you wish to create the linked mailbox.

    • Pick the appropriate linked mailbox creation template by clicking the Change link located beside the Selected Template field.

      Note: If you do not specify a template, the System Template will be applied by default.

    • In the General tab, enter appropriate values for attributes such as display name, logon name, the linked master account, and container..

    • Click the Contact tab, and enter the values for all the telephone, address and organization specific attributes.
    • In Exchange tab, enter the values for Exchange specific attributes such as mail server, mailbox store, email alias, mailbox storage limits, proxy email addresses, delivery options and restrictions.

    • In the Delegation tab, specify the users, to whom you wish to assign full access rights, send on behalf of and send as permissions.

    • In the Custom attributes tab, select the Custom Script option, and enter the script if you wish to execute any specific action on successful linked mailbox creation.

      If you wish to add a custom attribute that you’ve configured in your AD, in ADManager Plus, use the Configure custom attribute option (if you wish to add an attribute only for this action) or Add additional attribute option (if you wish to add an attribute in ADManager Plus and make it available for all related actions).

    • Click the Create button to create the new linked mailbox.