Set Mailbox Rights for User Mailboxes

    Setting mailbox rights is very critical as it deals with the security of user mailboxes. With ADManager Plus, it is further simplified with the following advantages:

    • Administrators can set mailbox rights for bulk users at a time very easily

    • In Exchange 2007 Server, you can set mailbox rights only using the Exchange Management Shell, but with ADManager Plus, you can carry out all the exchange tasks in the product itself.


    You must first configure the mailbox permissions that you will be setting to the user's mailbox. Then select the list of objects that will have permissions on that user's mailbox and finally click Apply.

    To set the mailbox rights

    1. Select the AD Mgmt tab.

    2. Click the Set Mailbox Rights setting available under Mailbox Settings.

    3. Now,click Add More Permissions option to assign the mailbox rights for users

    4. Select the user/group/computer to whom you wish to assign the rights. The required user/group/computer can be found using the quick find option.

    5. Select the required permission you wish to assign the user from the available permissions list.

    6. Choose the required Apply to option from the drop down menu.

    7. Select Allow or Deny from the drop down menu based on your requirement.

    8. Click Add to save the permission.

        9. You can now use one of the following options to list the contacts whose group attributes have to be modified

    a) You can import the CSV file (sample CSV file) which contains the list of users. After importing the CSV file, from the drop down menu (on the right hand side), select the attribute based on which you want to display the user objects.


    b) Use the  Search option to find the users (Note: To list all the users, just click the Search button without typing anything in the Search box)

       10.  Now, use the check box to select the desired list of user (s) and then click Apply



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