Managing file servers.

    The servers listed in this space will be the set of servers available to you in the pop-up when you try to choose a server for any file server management action.

    When a new domain is added to ADManager Plus, it will automatically look up the servers and list them in this section.

    Apart from server machines if you want to add any other workstations from your domain to this list you can use the “add file servers option” on the top-right corner. A pop-up with  the list of  all workstations in the domain will appear check the boxes against workstations that you want to include in the managed list.

    You can also remove any server from the list when required selecting the server and using the delete button on the top of the list.

    You will notice a “View Recent Tasks” link on the top-right hand corner, clicking on this will give you a summary of the recent file server management tasks that were performed.