Modify Share Permissions

This section allows you to modify the allow or deny permissions for users on a share when ever necessary.

Steps to Modify Share Permissions

  1. Select the share on which permissions are to be modified.
  2. In Select Permissions,
    • Under Accounts, select the accounts – users and / or groups to whom you wish to assign the permissions.
    • In Permissions, select the desired permissions from the ones available in the drop down box.
    • Use the Applies To field to specify the folder level up to which the selected permissions must apply.
    • Under Type, select Allow or Deny, as needed.
    • If you wish to assign a different set of permission to a different set of users and groups, click the '+' icon located at the end of the current row and repeat the above steps. Using this option, you can set different permissions for different users and groups in a single action.
    • Select the remove all existing permissions and apply only the above permissions option if needed.
  3. Click the modify button to apply the changes made.


  1. You will notice a "View Recent Tasks" link on the top-right hand corner, clicking on this will give you a summary of the recent changes made to folder permissions.