Enable/Disable Active Directory Users

    This feature makes it possible to enable or disable multiple user accounts and also specify the account expiry date, at one go.


    In the enable/disable users feataure, select the action (enable/disable) and also the appropriate account expiry date. Select the desired domain/the OUs. Locate the users to be enabled/disabled using the search option or specify the user accounts via a CSV file.


    1. Click the AD Mgmt tab.

    2. In User Management, go to Bulk User Modification --> Enable/Disable Lync Users

    3. In the 'Modify Account Attributes of Users' page,

      • Select the required option in Enable/Disable option, as per your requirement.
      • Use the Account Expires option to specify an expiry date for the account, if needed.
    4. Select the domain in which the desired user accounts are located; you can also specify the appropriate OUs using Add OUs option

    5. Specify the users for whom this task has to be performed using:

      • A CSV file, which has the users list, using CSV Import option
      • The search option to locate the desired users
    6. Confirm the users for whom this change has to be done by selecting the required users from the list of users fetched from the CSV file or by the search feature.

    7. Click on Apply to complete this operation.