Modifying Profile Attributes

    The user profiles, such as Profile Path, Logon Script Path, and Users' home folder can be modified easily this feature of ADManager Plus.


    First, enter the values for Profile Path,Logon script and Home folder for the users based on your requirement and then apply the same to desired list of users.


    1. Select the AD Mgmt tab.

    2. Click the Profile Attributes link available under General Attributes. This opens the Modify Profile Attributes of the Users dialog.

    3. This feature allows You to modify log on script, profile path and home folder of users. Select the option to change and specify the value in the text field.

    1. Select the domain and search the users. You can limit your search to specific OU's of the domain by  clicking the Select OU link and selecting the OU's.

    2. You can import the list of users to be modified from CSV format or select the user from 'show All Users' list or Type a user name.

    3. From the listed users, select the users for changing the profile attributes and click Apply.

    The change summary and the status of the modification can be verified.

    Roll over the mouse over the icon to see the attributes in the windows native UI.


    1. Profile Path need not be specified, if it is a local path.

    2. When you specify the Home Folder/Profile Path in a network share, it is advisable to provide permissions only to the specified users to avoid any misuse/discrepancies.

    3. Logon Script specified should be located in SYSVOL\<domainName>.com\scripts directory in the Domain Controller.