Dial-in or VPN properties

    ADManager Plus allows you  to modify  remote access permissions i.e. t Dial-in or VPN properties for bulk users.


    First, using the drop down menu, choose the allow/deny option for remote access permission and then apply the same to desired list of users.


    1. Click the AD Mgmt tab and select User Management option from the left pane.

    2. Select the Dial-in or VPN Properties link under Bulk User Modification.

    3. Select the required Remote Access Permission.

    4. You can select either Allow, Deny or Apply Remote Access Policy option.

    1. You can now use one of the following options to list the contacts whose group attributes have to be modified:

    a) You can import the CSV file (sample CSV file) which contains the list of users. After importing the CSV file, from the drop down menu (on the right hand side), select the attribute based on which you want ADManager Plus to search the user objects in Active Directory.


    b) Use the  Search option to find the user (Note: To list all the users, just click the Search button without typing anything in the Search box)

      6.  Now, use the check box to select the desired list of user (s) and then click Apply