Modifying Security Attributes

    This feature enables you to unlock the accounts that were locked due to bad log on or due to account settings.


    First, either use the search option or import a CSV file to list the user accounts that need to be unlocked and then click apply.


    1. Click AD Mgmt - -> User Management - -> Unlock Users
    2. From the drop down menu, select the domain  in which the computers are located (Note: If you know the OU in which the computers are located, click the add OUs button and select the appropriate OU)

       3. You can now use one of the following options to list the users that have to be moved to a different OU.

    Import the CSV file (sample CSV file) which contains the list of users. On importing the CSV file, from the drop down menu (on the right hand side), select the attribute based on which you want ADManager Plus to search the user objects in Active Directory.


    Use the  Search option to find the computers (Note: To list all the users just click the Search button without typing anything in the Search Box)

       4. Now, use the check box to select the desired list of users and then click Apply.

    The change summary and the status of the modification can be verified.

    Roll over the mouse over the icon to see the attributes in the windows native UI.

    Enable / Disable users:

    It is mandatory for administrators to keep the Active directory clean .In line with the same, administrators prefer to disable computers that have been inactive for a long time, and then enable them when required. This looks easy if it has to be carried out for just a single computer, but becomes tedious if an organization has a large number of computers. This is when administrators can make use of this feature to Enable/Disable bulk computer accounts.

    How to Enable/Disable bulk user accounts using ADManager Plus?

    Steps :

    1. Look out for the options Enable / Disable / More actions in the user reports generated.

    2. Check in the boxes adjacent to the desired users to select them.

    3. Now you can Enable / Disable or perform More actions by clicking on the appropriate tab.