Resetting Password

    ADManager Plus allows you to reset the password of bulk users in a jiffy. Also, you can configure the settings which force users to change their password in their next log on.


    First, choose one of the available options in setting the password and configure the password settings of the users. Then , apply the same to desired users.


    1. Click on AD Mgmt tab.

    2. In User Management, click on the Reset Password link in Bulk User Modification section.

    3. To reset the password, select the Reset Password check box and select any of the options for setting the password.

    4. To change the password properties, select the options as required.

    1. Select the domain and search the users. You can limit your search to specific OU's of the domain by  clicking the Select OU link and selecting the OU's.

    2. You can import the list of users to be modified from CSV format or select the user from 'show All Users' list or Type a user name.

    3. From the listed users, select the users to reset the password and click Apply.

    To know about Customization of Passwords click here

    The change summary and the status of the modification can be verified.

    Roll over the mouse over the icon to see the attributes in the windows native UI.

    Note: For password reset to be successful, the new password that is specified must comply with the password policy of your organization's Active Directory.