Microsoft 365 License Management

    This feature allows you manage the Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) licenses that have been applied to the Active Directory users. As per your need, you can use this feature to

    • Add Microsoft 365 licenses
    • Replace Microsoft 365 licenses
    • Remove, only the specific or all Microsoft 365 licenses applied to users


    • Click the AD Mgmt tab
    • In Microsoft 365 Management, click the Assign/Remove Licenses link
    • In the 'Assign/Remove License's page, select the appropriate Microsoft 365 account and click the Configure Licenses link
    • Select the action (add/replace/remove) that you wish to perform from the list of options listed in the 'Assign/Remove Licenses' field
    • Select the desired User Location
    • From the list of users displayed, select the users whose licenses you wish to manage. Click the 'Refresh' link if there are no users listed in this page.
      You can also use the search option located at the top of the users list or use the CSV import option to specify the users whose licenses have to be managed via a CSV file.
    • If there is link present between your on premise Active Directory and Microsoft 365, say through DirSync, then it is possible to filter the Microsoft 365 users based on the AD domains and OUs. Click on the filter icon that appears next to selected Microsoft 365 account to enable the filter. By default users linked to all domains in Active Directory will be displayed. One can select a particular domain.
    • Under this option it is possible to select particular OUs in the domain and filter the users accordingly.
    • Click the Apply button to save the changes.

    Sample CSV File:

    Sample 1: To specify the desired users using their Object Id, mention the attribute 'ObjectId' as the CSV file's header:




    Sample 2: To specify the desired users using their user principal name, mention the attribute 'UserPrincipalName' as the CSV file's header:






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