Enable, disable or schedule auto reply for Exchange Online (Office 365) Mailboxes.

    This capability allows you to enable or disable the auto-reply option for Exchange Online users. While enabling auto-reply, you can also set separate messages intra-organizational and external communication.
    Further, using this feature, you can enable or disable the auto-reply settings for multiple users, at once, using a CSV file.


    • Click the Office 365 tab.
    • Click the Management tab located on the LHS of the console.
    • Click the Mailbox Management link located under Exchange Online.
    • From the features listed under Exchange Mailbox Tasks, click Mailbox Auto Reply Configuration.
    • In the auto-reply configuration page,
      • Select the appropriate Office 365 tenant.
      • In the Auto-Reply field, select enabled if you wish to enable auto-reply. Select disabled to turn off auto-reply; select scheduled if you wish to enable auto-reply for a specific period
      • In the Internal Message field, type the message that you wish to use for the intra-organizational communication.
      • In the External Message field, type the message that you wish to use for communication with external users.

        Select the External Audience to whom you wish to send this message; choose All to send the message to all external users; Known to only the ones already added in the contact list, and None – if you wish to disable the auto-reply option for external users and enable it only the internal users.

      • In the Find Mailboxes to Modify section, enter the names of the users for whose mailboxes you wish to enable, disable or schedule the auto-reply. You can use the built-in search to locate the desired users or you can also fetch the users list from a CSV file using the CSV Import option.
    • Click Apply to save the new settings.