Shared Mailbox Retention Policy

    Apply a retention policy, and set retention URL, hold duration, etc., for shared mailboxes in bulk.

    • Click Office 365 tab.
    • Select Management from the left navigation section and click Mailbox Management.
    • Under Shared Mailbox Tasks, select Shared Mailbox Retention Policy.
    • Choose the O365 tenant to which you wish to apply the settings and give the necessary inputs.
    • Click Enter name(s) to search, to find the desired objects or import, to import details from a CSV file.
    • Note: Under name search, click on search without entering any input, to view the complete list. For CSV file import, Click Download Sample CSV to view the format, before import.
    • Select the objects for which you want to apply this configuration.
    • To preview selected objects, Click Selected Objects count.
    • Click Apply to execute.
    • Once executed, you can view the status of the operation.

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