Modifying Environmental Variables

    You can modify the program to be started and the start folder when the user logs on to terminal services.


    First, configure the terminal service environment attributes and then apply the same to desired list of users.


    1. Select the AD Mgmt tab.

    2. Click the Environment link available under Terminal Services. This opens the Modify Terminal Service Environment of the users dialog.

    3. Specify the program to be started and the start folder.

    4. You can select the Client devices attributes namely  Connect client drives at logon, Connect client printers at logon, Default to main client printer as yes/no.

    5. Select the domain and search the users. You can limit your search to specific OU's of the domain by  clicking the Select OU link and selecting the OU's.

    6. From the listed users, select the users for changing the terminal service environment and click Apply.

    The change summary and the status of the modification can be verified.