Assigning Rule

    In ADManager Plus you can configure as many requesters, reviewers, approvers and executors as want. By default at each stage(requesting, reviewing, approving) all the reviewers, approvers and executors will be respectively notified. Instead you can notify only the intended reviewers, approvers and executors, hence the task would be channeled and the process more efficient. This is where the assigning rule feature plays an important role.

    In ADManager Plus, now you can also add conditional rules to assign technicians and priority to the task (i.e.) you can associate a particular action or task to a specific reviewer, approver or executor.

    Steps to configure a assigning rule:

    1. Click on "assigning rule" under configuration section in the left pane of the tab
    2. Based on when you want the rule to be assigned, choose an option from the three options(when request is created, when request is reviewed or when request is approved) available and click on it
    3. A box will appear with the list of already existing rules. You will also find two options add new rule and prioritize rule on its top-left corner
    4. To add a new rule, click on the add new rule option. In the box that appears type a name for the rule, choose the conditions on the satisfaction of which the rule should be executed and action to be carried out (i.e.) which technician to assign and what priority to set.
    5. After you have configured, click on the save button.

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